• One Voice On Brand Every Time
  • Keep Unauthorized Content out of Sales Presentations
  • No Question, RapidPitch is the Future of Sales Presentations
  • Measure Every Presentations Effectiveness
  • Simple in Design yet Powerful and Effective
  • Easy Implementation with almost No learning Curve



Sales people know that no two presentations are the same. They also know that rarely do they present to just one person. It is usually to a committee and each member has their own agenda. They also know that there is no such thing as a presentation that goes in a straight line – at least one that stimulates questions from the audience. They know this and tailor their presentations in anticipation of the questions or objections they will hear during their pitch. Unfortunately many spend upwards of 40% of their time creating or editing presentations and not selling.

RapidPitch puts the power of customization into the hands of the sales people without the need for any editing or permission from the home office.


  • Customizability with approved content only.
  • Flexible design allows presenter to follow the conversation.
  • No down time editing presentations – more selling time.
  • Rich media content is contained in one place.
  • Video and attachments are easy to use.

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