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RapidPitch FAQ’s

Short List

What is RapidPitch and how does it work?

How much does RapidPitch cost to use?

Which computer platforms does RapidPitch support?

How are custom pitches created?

How do you store the content developed for the pitches?

How can I demo the product?

How long does it take to learn how to use RapidPitch?

General Questions

How is RapidPitch different from other presentation platforms?
RapidPitch is a non-linear, dynamic presentation platform that allows the professional presenter the ability to move around and through their information or presentation in any direction they want - usually what their audience asks for - without interrupting the flow of the performance of their presentation.

What is the difference between a Pitch and a Presentation?
Both are similar but a Pitch is a more direct, to the point delivery of information intended to get a reaction and response from an audience. A presentation can be a monologue without any desire for a response. Pitching is the most effective way to get specific information or ideas across to an audience in the shortest amount of time.

What is a non-linear, dynamic presentation?
RapidPitch allows the performer to move through sales presentation content in any direction without losing the flow of the performance. This is critical to keeping the audience interested as the Performer can show only the content the audience is interested in and/or find content the audience asks for but hadn't been included in the pitch.

Does RapidPitch allow for any presenter input?
Yes, RapidPitch allows the Performer to enter an introduction page and an agenda page. The Performer can also change the font style, size, and color to better match their audience.

Can existing PowerPoint presentations be used with RapidPitch?
Existing PowerPoint presentations can easily be converted into the RapidPitch format. Once converted, the presentations will not be directly editable by the presenter. However, the value of this application is in the ability to move through all content in a non-linear fashion much easier than linear slide presentation applications.

Can RapidPitch be used online?
Yes. However RapidPitch is designed primarily for the professional sales person that makes in-person, face-to-face presentations.

Why can’t a presentation be edited the same way that PowerPoint allows?
The inability for sales to edit sales presentation content in any manner they wish is our most powerful feature. Rather than have sales people waste valuable selling time trying to customize their presentations to fit their individual prospects immediate needs, the RapidPitch system gives them the ability to combine pre-created modules of content in any order they wish, thus giving customization but with only approved, branded content.

How is RapidPitch purchased?
RapidPitch is a subscription-based application. After the trial period of 30 days, the user may request a number of seat licenses and a term period. The term periods are 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.

How much does RapidPitch cost?
Based on the number of users and the term of the subscription, RapidPitch can cost as little as $1.00 per day per user.

What if I subscribe to RapidPitch but decide I don’t want to use it after a while. What happens then?
If you should decide to stop using the RapidPitch system for any reason, your subscription will end at the end of the current month. All of your content will be either returned to you in the form of content modules or will be deleted from our system.

Why are there 3 different applications included in the RapidPitch system?
RapidPitch combines marketing, sales, and management in a unique and powerful way, enabling the entire group to optimize their presentation environment. The components used by each group are different but completely integrated to provide maximum return. The Composer is used by the marketing department to create the Content Modules, the Performer is the sales presentation platform that uses the Content Modules, and the Reviewer is the application that management uses to analyze the outcomes of each presentation.

What computer platforms does RapidPitch support?
RapidPitch is available for the PC, iPad, and Android devices. Generally if you have the most current browser version and a recently purchased computer or tablet with more than 16GB of onboard memory, RapidPitch will work as designed. Check the requirements document for the specific hardware versions, operating systems and available memory requirements.

The Composer Application

How does the composer application work?
The Composer application allows the user to collect, organize, and store sales content they will use in the Content Modules. The content types that can be used are varied but all are linked together in the Content Modules without the user having any coding or hyperlinking experience necessary. The user simply clicks on the content upload button to open the file location desired and clicks to include that file in the Content Module. It’s that simple!

What is a Content Module and how does it work?
The Content Module is the heart of the RapidPitch system. The Content Module is the container that holds sales presentation content that is related to a product, service, topic, or case study. The power of this configuration is that different types of media – video, PDF, images, text, etc. – can be combined into one area that is then sent and used by the Performer application. All of the media and content is automatically hyperlinked so no knowledge of hyperlinking is required to create Content Modules.

How are the Content Modules used?
Just like Lego blocks, all Content Modules are designed to work together seamlessly. The Performer application allows the user to use pre-constructed ‘Pitches’ of Content Modules or can create their own Pitches by accessing the Content Modules on their computer or network.

How many images can be put into a Content Module?
You are allowed to put up to 20 images in any one Content Module. One of the goals of RapidPitch is to create an environment where you can be free of linear content presentation - where you can move effortlessly between and around the content. In order to do this, you must create an environment that does not restrict movement. The more the sales content is divided into component parts, the easier it becomes to navigate freely.

How many Content Modules can be used in a single Pitch?
After careful consideration and study, it was determined that 8 is the best number of Content Modules to use in any one Pitch. This gives the Performer 160 total slides (8 x 20 slides), video files, attached files including PDF and Office files, access to the WWW and pre-stored URL’s. Based on our research, this is more than enough content to deliver a Pitch – one that will give enough detail to begin meaningful discussion. If the user requires more content within a pitch they can build additional Pitches.

Can the Composer create and edit pitches?
Yes. The Composer application allows for the creation and distribution of pre-created Pitches. In fact, it is recommended that the A/B testing methodology of comparing 2 presentations for optimization be employed to determine the most effective presentations.

Can the Composer remove Content Elements, Content Modules, or Pitches that are being used?
The Composer has the ability to remove pitches that are being used in the field. However, there is a built in mechanism that will alert the Composer that the Content Elements, Content Modules, or Pitches they are trying to delete are in use, acting as a safeguard to prevent any deletion of important or content currently in use.

This sounds like another asset management system. Is that all RapidPitch is?
While RapidPitch does work in a similar fashion to an asset management system, it is much more than that. RapidPitch integrates the storage of content with extremely rapid retrieval, global updating, category and keyword assignment and measurement. These features are not found in a standard asset management system.

Can there be more than one Composer in a company?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of people who can have the role of Composer. It is, however, recommended that the number be kept small in order to maximize the consistency in the creation and production of branded content and media.

Why is the Composer an online application only?
The Composer application is only available online to facilitate the storage of the files that will be used in the Content Modules. It is also the way RapidPitch monitors subscriptions.

Why do I have to copy my content again in order to create a Content Module?
RapidPitch creates locked modules of content called Content Modules. These modules are not editable by the presenter/performer. As such, the content contained in the Content Modules needs to be accessed by the application and requires the content be located in one place.

Is there a system for organizing the content I store?
RapidPitch allows the user 2 categories to be assigned to any individual content element or Content Module. The system is designed to be as simple to use as possible.

What kind of files can I include in a Content Module?
RapidPitch allows for most file types including jpeg, png, Bitmap, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and mp4 video files. The RapidPitch Users guide lists detail for each of these file types and how they are used on each platform.

How many Content Modules can be stored on a computer or tablet device?
You are limited only by the available memory you have on your computer. Most Content Modules without video are relatively small - less than 10 megs if the images have been saved correctly. If, however, you use video which is one of the strongest features of using RapidPitch, your memory will be consumed more rapidly.

Can a Content Module be edited by the Performer?
As a Performer, you are not allowed to edit a Content Module. Think of a Content Module as a plastic construction block. You can snap the blocks together in any order you want, but you can't change the block. If you want a different Content Module, find a mistake in a Content Module, or want a similar but slightly different Content Module you will have to contact your Composer and have them create and upload the updated or changed Content Module.

What is the best order to the put the Content Modules in?
This is entirely up to you but it is highly recommended you combine those Content Modules that contain information your prospects will be interested in but also create a pitch or two of 'other' information you think they might be interested in. This will allow you to move into other presentations effortlessly without interrupting your performance.

What if I find a mistake in a CM? How do I correct it?
You will have to notify the person in your company that has Composer rights and can edit the Content Module. If done properly, this process shouldn't take very long. The time it takes for the Composer to receive the request, makes the changes, and update the Content Module is measured in minutes.

How do I get new Content Modules on my computer?
All Content Module updates are automatic. When you log into your company’s VPN, any new Content Modules or updates to the local Performer App (if installed) will happen in the background automatically. Your Composer should notify you via email that there are new Content Modules available and that the Performers should login into their company’s VPN.

Can I open a Content Module during a Pitch?
Yes. By opening the tool icon, you can access the Content Module list and select the Content Module or Modules you want to present. When you have finished, you simply select 'Return to Previous Pitch' to return to where you were in your previous presentation.

Can Content Modules be used with any other programs?
No. Content Modules can only be used by the RapidPitch system.

Why are Content Modules not editable by anyone other than the Composer?
By design, the Composer is the only person who can edit Content Modules. This protects the content from unauthorized editing and reduces or eliminates salespeople from spending time creating or editing content which is not the most productive use of their time. The Content Modules are not editable by anyone other than the Composer to control the content being presented and to control the brand attributes of the content being presented.

How are Content Modules distributed to off-site computers?
To install RapidPitch Content Modules the user simply logs into their company intranet. The content Modules are automatically uploaded and updated. The initial installation of the Content Modules might take some time depending on the amount of content that all the Content Modules hold. The RapidPitch application has a single button the user selects to update content at any time.

How many Composers are permitted to be authorized when using RapidPitch?
There is no set number of people that can have access to the Composer application. We recommend that the number be limited due to the nature of how content is created in a company. We understand how easy it is to damage brand value. Limiting the number of Composers will prevent brand erosion and better control the content release to the company.

How do I find my content and use it to create a Content Module?
Company content - marketing and sales material - is usually distributed throughout a company’s network. This is one of the reasons the Content Elements and Content Modules are copied and placed in a separate area. The Composer either locates or creates the content elements wanted and uses the application to create the Content Module. See the RapidPitch Instruction Guide or the training video for more detail.

The Performer

What is the Performer and how does it work?
The Performer is the presentation platform that opens the Content Modules and Pitches. The Performer interface allows the user to navigate through their content in a non-linear manner. This is the strongest feature of RapidPitch.

What do all the buttons in the Performer do?
The Performer offers a great deal of functionality during the presentation. See the RapidPitch Instruction Guide for detail on all the functions available.

Can I change the background of my version of RapidPitch?
At this time, the background of RapidPitch is not changeable. Future versions will have this customization ability.

How do I move from image to image in the Performer?
You move between images by either selecting the right or left side of the screen with your mouse or touch if you are using a tablet to move forwards or backwards. You can also move directly to an image in the Content Module you want by selecting the image ball in the window to the right of the Content Module.

How do I move from Content Module to Content Module in the Performer?
You simply select the Content Module you want by a mouse click or tapping if you are using a tablet.
If you are making a linear presentation by simply clicking on the right side of the screen, your content will be displayed in a linear fashion, automatically moving through the Content Modules in sequence.

Where are the Pitches located in the Performer?
The Pitch library is accessed through the table of contents by selecting the wrench icon on the lower right side of the command ribbon.

What are the icons in the panel on the bottom of the Performer?
There are several icons that allow the performer to navigate around and through their content. Please refer to the instruction guide or the training video on the RapidPitch website for more details.

Can the icon tray be hidden?
Yes. By selecting the down arrow at the very right of the icon tray, the tray will disappear. To make the tray re-appear simply click on the bottom of the image screen.

What is the wrench for?
The wrench is the icon that accesses the Table of contents within the Performer.

Can a customized title page be added?
Yes. RapidPitch allows you to add a customized title page that includes 4 input lines the performer can edit.
This information is stored for you use in reporting the presentations you made and your comments regarding the information.

Can an Agenda screen be added?
Yes. RapidPitch allows you to add an agenda screen that includes up to 8 lines. Once the agenda screen has been closed, it can be reopened by selecting the Calendar icon with the number 1 in the command tray at the bottom of the screen.

Can the Performer edit existing Pitches?
No. By design, the Performer can only present the pitches in their pitch library, or combine Content Modules to make customized Pitches. This prevents any unauthorized editing of existing content which would lead to brand damage or worse.

Can the Performer delete Pitches the user doesn’t want anymore?
No. Again, by design the application does not permit the Performer to delete any pitches that are in the users Pitch library including customized pitches they have created.

There are 2 modes of Pitching – Live and Practice – why is that?
The ability for the sales person to practice is essential. However, it was also necessary to have a mode that captures the results of the each real Pitch given. In order to prevent a practice session from being used in a ‘real’ environment, a ‘Practice Mode’ ribbon appears across the top of the screen when the application is in the Practice mode.

Is it possible to just practice with the tool and not Pitch in front of a real audience?
Yes. There is a practice mode that allows the Performer to use the tool to practice. Note there is a ribbon that is displayed across the screen indicating the tool is in Practice Mode and should not be used in front of a live audience.

The application requires the Performer to select an outcome from the previous pitch. Why?
In order for the Performer to access the live Pitch screen – one without a Training Ribbon indication across the top – the user must indicate the outcome of the most recent Pitch. This insures each and every formal Pitch and practice session is recorded and used to improve and optimize the overall sales presentation environment by best practice training.

Is there a way to use the Love Pitch mode without reporting the outcome of the last Pitch?
No. The system is designed to capture each and every Pitch made and report the results back to the assigned sales manager. This is by design and the quickest way to ensure optimization is happening to each and every presentation and presenter in the company.

The Reviewer

What is the Reviewer and how does it work?
The Reviewer is the application that reports the outcome data from each pitch and practice session to the company’s designated management team for analysis.

What metric reports are available for management?
RapidPitch captures the Pitch date and time, the location, the company, the people pitched to, and the specific outcome of the Pitch. This information is saved and reported to the designated manager automatically and is accessed through the Reviewer screen.

Are the practice sessions also reported?
Yes. If the Performer selects the Practice session mode, the same indices are captured and reported the samw way a Live presentation is reported.

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