Are You Optimized?

Answer these 7 simple questions to see how well you have
organized and optimized your sales presentation environment


Your Score

Terrible - Poor: You have little or no optimization in your sales presentation environment.

Slower close rates
Sales frustration in not knowing or finding the content they need
Inaccurate or old content being used in presentations
No organization of assets leading to long pitch development times
No reporting of every outcome

Average: You have some optimization but it is not complete and are not preventing un authorized content ending by your sales department.

Sales reps are wasting valuable selling time editing presentations
Brand destruction happens as edits do not adhere to brand guidelines
Assets spread out over network and are difficult to find
Outcome reporting is ad-hoc and infrequnet

Good - Excellent: You are buttoned up and have complete control over your sales content and do not need to change anything.