• One Voice On Brand Every Time
  • Keep Unauthorized Content out of Sales Presentations
  • No Question, RapidPitch is the Future of Sales Presentations
  • Measure Every Presentations Effectiveness
  • Simple in Design yet Powerful and Effective
  • Easy Implementation with almost No learning Curve



Marketing departments are constantly under the gun to develop and distribute current, accurate, and useful content for the sales department. But many are frustrated because often this content is altered by the sales people without permission, or not used at all. Frequently sales people use content that has become outdated or is just inaccurate. And while marketing would like to create customized presentations for every sales person and every unique situation, there just isn’t enough time for this to occur so they are forced to create generic content that is used for the widest audience.

RapidPitch is the easiest to use sales content asset management system available today. Every item created and stored in the RapidPitch system is available to every sales person but can never be altered by the sales person. Every piece of content is always current and always correct.


  • Simple asset management system specifically designed for sales presentation content.
  • All content developed is current and used by sales department.
  • Media is hyperlinked automatically without any need for programming training.
  • All content is globally updated to all presentations instantly.

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