• One Voice On Brand Every Time
  • Keep Unauthorized Content out of Sales Presentations
  • No Question, RapidPitch is the Future of Sales Presentations
  • Measure Every Presentations Effectiveness
  • Simple in Design yet Powerful and Effective
  • Easy Implementation with almost No learning Curve



As the pressure of delivering to the bottom line gets greater, senior managers want their sales teams to perform at their peak at all times. But most senior managers can’t be at every presentation made by every member of their sales team. So how do managers keep score? Usually by looking at daily activity or just their sales dollars. What they really need is the ability to get the outcome results of each and every presentation made, and use this information to target performance training or to duplicate the successful sales people’s skills to the others.

RapidPitch gives immediate and specific outcome results in a simple report for each and every sales presentation made.


  • Every presentation is on brand and sales content is always current and correct.
  • Results of every pitch measured and reported automatically.
  • Complete control over sales content creation, storage, retrieval, and presentation.
  • Improves both presentation and presenter effectiveness through best-practice development and integrated training.

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