• One Voice On Brand Every Time
  • Keep Unauthorized Content out of Sales Presentations
  • No Question, RapidPitch is the Future of Sales Presentations
  • Measure Every Presentations Effectiveness
  • Simple in Design yet Powerful and Effective
  • Easy Implementation with almost No learning Curve
“Rapid Pitch is the most concise, efficient and effective way I know of for building a custom presentation. The program itself always draws inquiry from our audiences due to its unique non-linear nature. Our account executives can customize a pitch in minutes – on brand and specific to their prospects. We can now control content and monitor sales activity as well. We will never go back to the slide show”
Robert Murphy, CMO, MC2

Presentations Meet Optimization

Companies using RapidPitch see a dramatic increase in the effectiveness of both their presenter’s skills and their presentations content. RapidPitch creates an environment that gives complete control over branded content while also giving sales people the ability to customize their presentations to match their customer’s immediate needs without any supervision.

This arrangement virtually eliminates wasted time by the sales people changing their presentations without any guidance or approval. It also insures the brand messages developed by the marketing department are never changed or damaged.

And because the environment is fully integrated, the outcome results of every presentation made are captured and reported to be used in best practices development and skills training. This data will allow managers to see who is performing at their peak level at the most important time in the selling cycle – when they are pitching live in front of a prospect of customer.


Our Mission

To help companies increase their sales by dramatically improving the effectiveness of both their presenters and their sales presentations.

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